Enhances the quality of life for the justice-impacted.

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We believe prisoners are more than criminals. Behind every prisoner is a family grappling with the impact of incarceration. We believe in restorative justice and humanity. We support programs that reunites families, provides financial aid, and amplifies the stories of those affected by our legal system.

We go beyond giving; we strive to restore humanity.


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We acknowledge the human dignity of prisoners and their families as integral members of our communities.

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Support justice-impacted individuals & families, one commissary purchase at a time

Our commissary program aims to provide the maximum funds possible ($300/month) to every federal cannabis prisoner and to reduce the strain on families.

Commissary funds can be used to purchase snacks that supplement nutrition, time to make calls home, and hygienic items. The maximum funds available to prisoners monthly is $300. An additional $300 a month can be a significant expense for families already struggling due to the absence of a family member in prison, adding further strain to these relationships.

Our commissary program offers optimism and sanctuary. 

Statistics indicate a rise in commissary prices nationwide, often catching prisoners off guard. This sudden increase can lead to a tense and hostile atmosphere in prisons when inmates find themselves unable to afford their usual snacks and amenities. The additional support provided by Redemption directly addresses this tension.

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Our Commissary program bridges nutritional and financial gaps during incarceration.

Prison food quality is often poor, with spoiled produce and bland meal options being common. Commissary assistance helps fill these gaps by offering additional sustenance for inmates. This is crucial as the pay can be as low as $.14 per hour in jail, requiring up to 2000 hours of work to earn an extra $300.

A modest amount like $300 per month can significantly enhance various aspects of a prisoner’s life, from easing family pressures to improving quality of life. Supporting our commissary program is not just about financial aid but also about advocating for human redemption in multiple aspects of prisoners’ lives.

The Rick Thompson Memorial Grant

Our community mourns the loss of Rick Thompson, a journalist and activist in Michigan. He was involved in various organizations and foundations supporting the community. Thompson’s legacy will live on through the Redemption Foundation, which he helped found to help those affected by unjust policies.

The Rick Thompson Memorial Fund, established by the Redemption Foundation, provides resources and direct support to individuals and organizations striving to undo the harm caused by an unjust legal system. The grant, inspired by the compassion of longtime activist Rick Thompson, supports sensible policy reform, benefits current and former prisoners and their families, and aids the communities they serve. This fund allows us to continue Rick’s legacy and his important work.

Rick Memorial Grant


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Everybody deserves
a second chance.