Great Lakes Expungement Network launches to help cannabis offenders clear their records

MICHIGAN – Several Michigan-based law firms, criminal justice groups, and cannabis reform  organizations have joined together to form the Great Lakes Expungement Network (GLEN) in an effort to help people take advantage of Michigan’s new “Clean Slate” law.

The Great Lakes Expungement Network is supported by The Redemption Foundation, a non-profit founded by the Redemption Cannabis brand, and Sons and Daughters United, a non-profit organization that provides financial, emotional, and legal support to low-income, underprivileged, and minority populations. The GLEN also includes several law firms throughout the state that will help guide individuals through the expungement process.

“Past criminal offenses can create unnecessary barriers to housing and employment long  after someone has paid their dues to society. Too many people have been harmed by  cannabis prohibition, so we want to help them take advantage of Michigan’s Clean Slate law and usher them through the application process,” said Josh Covert, Director of Legal Services for GLEN and partner at Michigan Cannabis Lawyers, one of several law firms that have joined the network.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has stated up to 1 million Michigan residents may qualify for expungement under the new law that took effect this year. Researchers from the University of Michigan estimated that only 6.5 percent of people successfully expunge a conviction from their record within five years of becoming eligible. 

Ryan Basore, founder of The Redemption Foundation and the Redemption Cannabis brand, aims to change those numbers. 

“Many people are unaware of their eligibility, and even more are burdened by complicated forms and the hefty expense which can cost thousands of dollars on average.” said Ryan Basore, president of the Redemption Foundation. Organizers at the Great Lake Expungement Network are dedicated to helping people navigate the state’s complex expungement process.”  

Law firms supporting the Great Lakes Expungement Network include:  

• The Law Offices of Barton Morris, Royal Oak 

• Cannabis Counsel, Detroit 

• Duncan & Associates, Dowagiac 

• Michigan Cannabis Lawyers, Lansing 

• Rudoi Law, Royal Oak 

• Wojtowicz Law PLC, St. Joseph 

“The Great Lake Expungement Network has made it our mission to expunge as many criminal records as possible. Our team is able to walk you through the application process, scan for eligibility, obtain necessary documents, and match you to an attorney who will represent you in court. Like manyMichiganders, we believe in second chances. This program will provide relief to people all across the Great Lake State.” said Sons and Daughters United President Josey Scoggin.



GLEN is a collection of community based organizations, cannabis companies, and criminal defense attorneys dedicated to providing Michiganders with criminal records an opportunity for a clean slate. 

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