Redemption Cannabis Launches New Foundation to Help Right the Wrongs of Prohibition

At less than one year old, Redemption Cannabis is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to social justice within the cannabis industry. Founded by CEO Ryan Basore in October, 2019, Redemption has formed a new non-profit that will focus on helping people who have been harmed by cannabis prohibition. “Michigan’s industry was founded on the backs of caregivers and others who have been thrown in jail for growing in a plant that is proven to help people with serious medical conditions. I should know because I was one of them,” said Basore, who was sentenced to four years in federal prison for charges related to serving as a caregiver. “Redemption was launched with the promise to dedicate 10 percent of our proceeds toward helping those who have been unjustly penalized by prohibition and the launch of our foundation is the first step to fulfilling that promise.” The Redemption Foundation’s stated mission is help individuals, families, and communities right the wrongs caused from cannabis prohibition by seeking out opportunities to lift up individuals harmed by the war on cannabis. The non-profit will take on important social justice activities including:

  • Working to get incarcerated non-violent cannabis offenders out of jail/prison.
  • Providing financial, legal, and emotional support to federal cannabis prisoners across the country.
  • Educating influencers to change in the criminal justice system.
  • Providing free expungement programs to qualifying applicants in the state of Michigan.
  • Supporting the development of re-entry programs in the cannabis industry and in skilled trades by partnering with colleges and industry professionals.
  • Partnering with and supporting like-minded organizations and individuals to expand The Redemption Foundation’s capacity and reach.

The Redemption Foundation has recruited some of Michigan’s leading cannabis industry and policy experts who have agreed to join the organization’s advisory board, including:

  • Bob Baldori, Musician and Attorney
  • Krista Beller Owner and CEO, Real Leaf Solutions
  • Brandon Betz, Lansing City Council Member
  • Dennis Corey, Retired and Former Federal Cannabis Prisoner (“The Okemos 7”)
  • Josh Covert, Attorney, Michigan Cannabis Lawyers
  • Reggie “Reg” Davis, President, CeaseFire Youth Initiative
  • Drew Driver, CEO Driven Grow
  • Dori Edwards CVO and Managing Partner, Artemis Brands, Owner and CEO High Hempress Cannabis.
  • James R. Giddings, Circuit Judge, Retired
  • Jeffrey Hank, Attorney, Hank Law PLLC
  • Josh Hovey, Vice President, Martin Waymire
  • Jeff Irwin, State Senator
  • Lawrence Jamirrillo, Cannabis Activist and Businessman
  • Jamie Lowell, Michigan Cannabis Pioneer, The Botanical Company
  • Kevin McKinney, President, McKinney & Associates
  • Mark Passerini, Co-founder, The Om Of Medicine
  • Kevin Pybus, Owner/Operator, Truu Cannabis
  • Sam Rosinski Managing Director Fresh Coast Extracts
  • Anqunette Sarfoh, Board Member, Michigan Cannabis Industry Association
  • Robin Schneider Executive Director, Michigan Cannabis Industry Association
  • Dennis Schornack, Retired Policy Advisor to Governors Engler and Snyder
  • Chris Silva, Cannabis Activist and Retail Manager, Pharmhouse Wellness
  • Josh Smith, CEO, Refined Consulting
  • Rick Thompson, Owner, Michigan Cannabis Business Development Group

In addition, the Redemption Foundation is receiving pro-bono legal counsel from Michael Pattwell from the Clark Hill Law Firm. “Michigan has led the Midwest when it comes to cannabis reform but there is still more that needs to be done to undo the damage that decades of prohibition has caused,” said Basore. “The Redemption Foundation will be focused on ensuring that we recognize that injustices continue to persist, and we have assembled an outstanding team who will guide or work to correct the wrongs of the past.”